Managed Virtual Assistance Services

Our managed service model helps you leverage the benefits of working with remote VAs and freelancers while minimizing the hassle of hiring, training, and managing them.

How Our Managed Service Model Works


We meticulously dissect client requirements to form a clear project blueprint. Goals are set to align with your vision from the outset.


After assembling a team with the required skills, we train them comprehensively to meet your project’s requirements.


Our project management team executes the project following a predefined roadmap and sets KPIs that determine its success.


Our virtual assistants are nurtured to progress and are engaged and invested in your project’s success. We also maintain a talent pool that allows for talent replacement and capacity scaling.


The objective here is to meet and exceed your expectations by setting a dual focus on continuous monitoring and performance evaluation.

QYA (Questions You Should Ask)

You need it in one or more of these conditions:

  • You lost trust in individual VAs because of communication issues, disappearance, poor work quality, etc.
  • You don’t want to spend hefty amounts on employing a large in-house team, but you need more resources to scale.
  • You need to scale but lack the time and attention to hire, train, and manage an additional workforce. Your existing infrastructure is insufficient for training an in-house team.
  • You want to delegate tasks from your current team without expanding it.

It’s a valid concern. At Klarecon, we operate under a managed model, which means we assign a project manager to monitor the VA team we hire for you.

At Klarecon, we improve the quality over time. Mistakes can and will happen. Our primary focus is on minimizing these errors while minimizing VA costs. We assess VAs’ performance against KPIs such as communication, regularity, skill set, and overall project performance. If a VA deviates from the expected path, we provide additional training, and if that doesn’t result in improvement, we appoint a replacement.

In addition, running in-house projects provides us with opportunities to train individuals for ongoing and upcoming projects. This know-how allows us to refine our training methods and ensure that our VAs have the necessary skills to excel in their assigned tasks.

No, Klarecon is different from Upwork. While Upwork is a platform for finding freelancers and VAs for one-time projects or specialized skills, it does not offer VA management or replacement services.

Klarecon, on the other hand, is ideal for outsourcing long-term projects. Moreover, if your project involves working with multiple individuals, Klarecon handles everything from their hiring to training to management.


Yes, we do; ignoring such useful technology wouldn’t be wise. Using AI helps us to deliver faster and superior results to our clients, and we’d prefer that anytime.

We work with a system that ensures injecting quality into the AI-generated content.


No. You can use our service for as long as you need.

However, if we need to part ways for any reason, we must provide a notice to each other to avoid any surprises. This is particularly important for the VAs or freelancers we hire for your project. The notice period ranges from 2 weeks to a month depending on the project size and the position type.


It depends on the nature and volume of the activity you want to delegate to us. In some cases, we may have the resources to start working on your project within 2-3 days of signing the contract. However, it may take up to 4 weeks to identify the right fit for more complex requirements.

Please note that we deem a hire successful only after they start working in real time, with tangible outcomes. If not, we will promptly initiate the training and replacement procedure.


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