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The Management

The Founder Says Hello

Meet Klarecon’s founder, Oren - a maverick by nature and a leading Israeli business consultant by profession. He incepted the company with a firm belief in Clarity, and that’s how Klarecon got its name (Klarecon means Clarity in Esperanto).


Thanks to his contribution to the process and strategy development, what started as a passion project swiftly grew into a recognized service provider. Today, Klarecon takes pride in helping other companies scale by producing written content in numerous languages and providing customized virtual assistance.


“Tell me about your crisis and I’ll tell you how it can be turned into a profitable opportunity.”


Oren Yonash


Explorer In Chief


The Journey to WOW

As a Klareconian, Mona got to experience what it's like to climb each step of the growth ladder. Her journey here began as a remote content writer whose joy lay in penning engaging content our clients liked to read. Though unexpectedly, she took on managerial responsibilities as the company's growth demanded.


Mona became our go-to person for successful execution, the one people enjoy working with and for, and the leader of a significant part of our business activities. She and Klarecon grow side by side, and today as the company's Chief-of-Wow, she strives to manifold its growth.

Mona Mehta


Chief of Wow

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