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What Klarecon Is Grateful for This Year (2021)

Turning Three

2021 saw Klarecon turn three, which was pure bliss to everyone who contributed to its success. When Klarecon was founded, nobody might have imagined it would grow up to its current size and help other companies boost their bottom lines the way it does today.

New Clients

We welcomed many new clients this year and what makes this achievement even more joyous is that most of the newly generated business came through referrals from our long-standing customers. In our opinion, there couldn’t be more positive feedback and stronger motivation than the fact that we could win such high levels of trust from our clients.

Our senior management became so happily overwhelmed with the ongoing scaling that we decided to introduce an entire Sales & Marketing department in the beginning of 2022.


Our people, internally known as Klareconians, are one of our strengths, and we more than doubled this strength in 2021.

We cherish those who joined us when we were just putting down our roots and chose to stay through the thick and thin while the company had to reshape repeatedly.

Some bid adieu and moved on to desirable positions at other companies. We wish all of them well and are glad that their Klarecon experience is a major factor in their current whereabouts. For our recent recruits, we look forward to celebrating their presence for long!

Generating More Jobs

Having more clients on board allowed us to generate more jobs and make a difference in dozens of people’s lives. Thanks to our talent hunting abilities, we recruited people from across the globe. We feel fortunate to have interacted with more and more individuals of diverse backgrounds, which helped us shape and develop Klarecon’s culture.


Fancy CVs don’t necessarily impress us, but people with character and hunger to achieve do. We believe in giving opportunities, which is why many of our recent recruits have been freshers or experienced in our industry.

In 2021, Klarecon witnessed its training efforts paying off exceptionally well. While some of the managers got promoted to become team leaders, their predecessors climbed the next level of growth and broadened the company’s senior management.

At Klarecon, results speak loudly, and those who performed experienced what it’s like to work in a culture where their success doesn’t go unnoticed, and promotions don’t need to be applied for.

Stability Despite the Pandemic

It is of common knowledge how the pandemic affected businesses globally. Millions of people lost their jobs, and companies had no idea if they’ll be able to move towards recovery. Thankfully, Klarecon didn’t have to go through that tribulation.

None of the company’s human resources were let go because of the pandemic’s negative impact on the market. Instead, Klarecon had its people’s back during these challenging times, and both continued to grow together.


“Why would someone be grateful for their competition?”

Well, simply because an intense competition encourages us to push our limits and innovate. Fortunately, we got the chance to compete with many creative minds this year, making us set and accomplish higher goals.

Stepping into 2022

We love making people’s life simpler and ours more thrilling 😉, which gave us the perfect goal for 2022 – to manifold the success we achieved in 2021. With our new slogan – ‘Scaling Simplified,’ we’re all set for the adventure that’ll be all about helping numerous other companies who seek fast growth at significantly lower costs.

Are you one of those and looking for help? Booking a call and getting to know each other sounds like a good idea then!

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